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Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs

The Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs represents Fire and Emergency Services Leaders from the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. 

The mission of the Eastern Division is to support the goals and objectives of the International Association of Fire Chiefs by serving as the liaison between the IAFC and the Division’s member states. The Eastern Division will do this by professionally consolidating regional issues and opinions, providing valuable and necessary input to the IAFC, and disseminating pertinent information from the International Association of Fire Chiefs to the Division's member states.

The Eastern Division supports the IAFC mission “To provide leadership to career and volunteer chiefs, chief fire officers and managers of emergency services organizations throughout the international community through vision, information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism and capabilities”.

EDIAFC Endorses and Supports the
National Fire Fighter Near Miss Program

Important Notice!!

We will be sending out post cards to members ( per the current by-laws) so they can vote to make the changes. One of the main changes is to be able to change a by-law thru the internet and not the expensive mailing.

TO: EDIAFC Board of Directors and the general membership
FROM: Laurence Vaughan – Constitution and By-Laws Chair
SUBJECT: newly worked EDIAFC Constitution and By-Laws
DATE: 3/15/15

Enclosed is a DRAFT of the new CBL’s being proposed for the EDIAFC. These will replace a document that was last updated in 2008. In the last 6+ years, the demographics of the division have changed, and it was found that the 2008 version of the CBL’s DID NOT cover the many possibilities of division elections, officer vacancies, and how to vote or conduct division business with a very limited number of members attending our annual conferences, that have become a financial strain on the division budget.

The original draft was prepared by an outside vendor and presented at the ED conference in Annapolis in May of 2013. President Mellits did a good job facilitating the process, but the attendees felt there could be some changes to better reflect the changing face of the division, and with a declining membership and low conference attendance, give the Board of Directors the tools to tend to the affairs of the division, when situations occur that are not covered in our current CBL’s. The board and myself have been working through suggested changes, and making them on the original draft, and as of 1/24/15, it was felt that the document can be presented to the membership, hopefully for their approval

The highlighted areas are changes that were made to the original document. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE TABLE OF CONTENTS BEING A LITTLE OFF FROM THE ACTUAL DOCUMENT, BUT IT WAS FELT THAT PROPER FORMATTING CAN BE COMPLETED UPON MEMBER APPROVAL OF THE CBL’s, and before the official release

We fully realize that this is NOT the PERFECT document, but is certainly is a huge step to bring us up to date on the procedural aspects of the division operation – in my opinion, it is a modernization of sorts – it is basic and can easily be amended to reflect any number of possible issues. Once approved and in place, the amendment process is relatively simple and changes can be made through the proper processes, as outlined in the new CBL


Elected TREASURER to an appointed EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – this is more in line with other divisions, and

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