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The Valor Award Committee is tasked with selecting the annual recipient for the Eastern Division Valor Award. The Committee reviews nominations from each of the member states and the District of Columbia to determine the overall Valor Award recipient for the Division.


The Valor Award is presented annually by the Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs to recognize a firefighter who has exhibited great courage in an attempt to save a human life. Occasionally, as the incident dictates, there may be more than one Valor Award recipient. In the attempt to raise our award to the highest level, we select nominees of the most recent awards from the jurisdictions that make-up the Eastern Division. We encourage state fire chiefs’ and state firemen’s organizations to forward their most recent awards to the Valor Award Committee for consideration. The Eastern Division would like to recognize individuals from our Division who have put forth that extraordinary effort in a rescue situation that may have saved a civilian or a firefighter from injury or death. The Eastern Division is proud of the men and women who provide fire, rescue and emergency medical service to our communities. Please submit your state organizations’ most recent award for our consideration. To submit a Valor Award nomination, please contact a committee member from your state. Committee Roster The recipient of the annual award will be recognized at the Eastern Division Conference. The recipient will receive their individual award during a presentation at a meeting of their respective State Fire Chiefs Association. The recipient shall receive a Medal of Valor and a Certificate of Recognition.


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